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Yoga is a relaxing and therapeutic form of exercise that helps with flexibility, breathing, and power of concentration. It increases awareness of yourself and thus brings many mental processes under voluntary control. Thus, it is the “yoking” or harnessing of mental and physical powers.

        The importance of yoga need not be exaggerated in this contemporary society. If you sit and contemplate for a while, you will realize that you are a part of a mass society that promotes the idea of consumerism and materialism. If you think of various kinds of work-outs, you will find they only focus on the improvement of physical aspect of your body such as reducing your weight or being in shape. Most of you have rarely experienced an exercise or work-out that helps you understand your own soul. This understanding of your Self makes yoga different from most other forms of exercises or stretching. It not only provides physical benefits but also creates an opportunity to liberate yourself from the material world and become one with soul. It teaches a spiritual philosophy that helps you appreciate yourself as well as humanity.

        There are several physical benefits of yoga. It not only helps in relaxation but also makes you focused and attentive. It removes fatigue, makes you calm and prevents insomnia as well as many other illnesses. For more information on benefits of various yoga postures, please visit the following link:           Yoga Benefits

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