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Safari Standard Poodles

Cynthia Huff & Joel Haefner
Voice: 309/376-2102  

                                                                                              Deposit policy in PDF                                                             

Litter whelped 24 February 2022

CH Boxwood Brisbane x GCH. Safari's Surreptitious

CH Boxwood Brisbane ("Briz")
CH. Safari's Surreptitious ("Fern")
Health testing
Health testing

Ch. Boxwood Boy Wonder (b)

Ch. Boxwood Broussard (cr)

Ch. Boxwood Teaser Pleaser (cr)
Ch. Boxwood Brisbane (b) (sire)

Ch. Nipigon My Favrit Martin (b)

GCh. Boxwood Sublime Bravissima (b)

Ch. Litilann's Mirage (b)
PUPPIES whelped 24 February 2022

Ch. Safari's Grand Illusion (b)

GCH. Safari's Subversion (b)

Ch. Safari's Aria (b)
GCh. Safari's Surreptious (bl) (dam)

GCH. Safari's Aesthete (w)

BIS GCH. Safari'sBelle du Jour at Jucarta (w)

Ch. Safari's  Miraflores (b)

The proud mom
All together at the buffet

All together now! 12 March 2022
Eyes just open...  12 March 2022

I look pretty self-satisfied, don't I?  12 March 2022 Experiments in toddling  12 March 2022




Over the years, we have developed a policy which confirms the buyer�s commitment to buying a puppy.  We feels it is in the best interests of  puppies to make sure they leave after the first set of shots and are not delayed in bonding with a new family.

1.    The deposit is non-refundable unless we do not have a puppy of the sex and color and from the litter you indicated at the time you made the deposit. This means that if you suddenly change your mind and decide you do not want a dog, and a puppy of your preference is available, you will forfeit your deposit. If we don�t have a puppy of the color, sex, and litter you want, we will promptly refund your deposit.

2.    At the time you make your deposit, you must indicate the color (white, black, or color doesn�t matter)  and sex (male, female, or sex doesn�t matter) of the puppy you want. This guarantees that we will be able to place the right puppy in the right home. We make extensive efforts, by talking to buyers and by observing the puppies� behavior, to match puppy and buyer closely.

3.    A deposit does not guarantee that you will be able to pick a puppy from several puppies. If several pets are available in a given sex and color (say, there are three white boys), we will let buyers who have made deposits pick their puppies in the order their deposits were received. This means that if buyer Jones made a deposit on April 21, and buyer Smith made a deposit on May 2, Jones will be able to pick from the available pet white males.  Because we are show breeders, we reserve some puppies as show prospects, and so picking from among a large number of puppies is not possible.

4.    If there is not a puppy of the color and sex from the litter you indicated available, you may ask for your deposit back, change the color, sex or litter desired, or hold the deposit for a planned litter. 

5.    You don�t have to make a deposit. If you feel that putting down a deposit is not right for you, you can call back when the puppies are almost ready to leave (at seven or eight weeks) and ask if any are still available.

6.    A separate agreement, signed at the time you pay in full and pick up your puppy, includes a 72-hour health guarantee and a 2-year genetic health guarantee.  A copy of this standard agreement is available at  the third link in the upper left menu on this page.
A .pdf copy of this deposit form is available here. 

A free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader (needed to open the .pdf file) is available here.