Fruits & Nuts

But sometimes, rarely, when he feels more like the Bicker than the Vicar, will he withdraw into a brown study of himself in the brown study. There, as have lonely eccentrics over the ages, he summons from the black-brown depths spirits of The Forbidden. Then it is that he sinks deeply into the sinkhole of the old brown leathern clubchair, browns frownly, and seeks existential relief through secret narcosis. He, deliberately and with a brown-shirt's discipline, will chew a cud of the tannic brown and fibrous
vickalicka nut in one cheek, while sucking the bitter pulp of a ripe-brown fruit-de-mal in the other. The plenipotency of these two exotics acting together soon transforms this sweet and harmless befuddler, Vicar Vicarious, into a fantasist acolyte of the god called Sar-Chasm; or perhaps it would be better to say that at such times he is possessed and ridden by this Brownie from the realm of Brown Bile, which devil will not leave him until the Vicar, against his better nature, makes fun of something! And this and this alone shall be his catharsis. What follow are instances of his Midnight Fantasies:
slurpin' safari
candles    freight trains in heaven

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