• Mark’s Office Hours on Wednesday, Sept. 2 will have to be shortened: they will still start at 3p but will have to stop at 3:50p. Also, Mark’s Office Hours on Thursday, Sept. 3 from 12p–12:50p will have to be canceled. Mark will hold make up Office Hours from 10–11:50a on Thursday, Sept. 3. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Nick Bates’s tutoring hours this semester will be Monday 3–5p, Wednesday, 11a–1p, and Friday 3–5p. All those hours will be held in the Philosophy Research Area, CLA 160 (aka “The Bubble”).

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Final Exam Week

  • Exam 3 will be administered in our regular classroom during our scheduled final exam slot. Check online at to see the schedule for this and all your other courses’ exam times.
  • Exam 3 is not a comprehensive final exam. It will only test you on the material after Exam 2. It will have no Take Home component.

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