The required text/software package for the course is Language, Proof, and Logic, 2nd edition. David Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy. CSLI. 2011. The software works on PCs and Macs; install on any and as many computers you like.

Do not buy a used copy of this package, and do not “Rent” it. You can buy and download a digital copy at, or order a new one from Amazon directly. The registration code that comes with a new copy of the book can only ever be registered to a single person, so someone’s used copy is going to be worthless to you.

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Final Exam Week

  • Exam 3 will be administered in our regular classroom during our scheduled final exam slot. Check online at to see the schedule for this and all your other courses’ exam times.
  • Exam 3 is not a comprehensive final exam. It will only test you on the material after Exam 2, namely Chapters 11 and 13. It will have no Take Home component.

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