• Slides from October 24 are now posted.

  • Slides from October 22 are now posted.

  • Problem Set 5 is due on Wednesday, Oct. 29, but see the advantages of handing it in early, on Monday, Oct. 27.

  • Problem Set 4 was due on Wednesday, Oct. 22, but it can be handed in up to one week late and still get some credit.

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Final Exam Week

  • PS 8 due by 5 p.m. on Reading Day (Monday, Dec. 7)

  • Exam 4 will be administered in our regular classroom during our scheduled final exam slot. (Check this page to see the schedule for this and all of your other exams.)

  • Exam 4 is not a comprehensive final exam. It will only test you on the material after Exam 3. See the Practice Exam here.

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