Illinois/Missouri Applied Harmonic Analysis Seminar


April 19, 2008

10:30-11:00 Coffee and snacks
11:00-11:40 Justin Haldar - Data Acquisition Schemes for Compressed Sensing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
11:50-12:30 Alexander Powell - Signal Estimation from Noisy Frame Coefficients
12:30-2:00 Lunch and Informal Discussions
2:00-2:40 Guido Weiss- The Basic Properties of Principal Shift Invariant Spaces
2:50-3:30 Robert Houska- On the Nonexistence of AB Scaling Functions Satisfying Certain Decay and Smoothness Constraints when B Is a Shear Group with an Odd Number of Generators
3:40-4:30 Myung-Sin Song - Analysis of Fractals, Image Compression and Entropy Encoding
4:40-5:20 Open Problem Forum

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