Associate Professor of German and Eastern European Studies

Semester Special Events:
International Film Series

Fall Term 2010: Updated course Websites are now in Moodle:
German 101 - Beginning German I: For the Workplace
German 201 - Intermediate German I (LA)
German 301 - Advanced German (G)
LC 274 - The Superwomen of Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, G)
- REES and Women's Studies

Other courses taught:
German 102 - Beginning German II
German 202 - Intermediate German II

Ger 417 - Jenseits der Mauer: Deutsche Kultur seit 1989
(CHC, W)
German 488 - Von Demokratie zur Dikatatur (LT)

LC 116 - German Postwar Cinema (AR, G)
LC 272 - From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imagining the Future in Russia and Germany (IT, G)

Gateway 100 - Introduction to Science Fiction
Gateway 100 - Amazons, Cyborgs, and She-Monsters

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