This is a modified copy of the tutorial from the Flask 0.12.4 documentation — 0.12 is an old, obsolete version of Flask. This tutorial is archived here because it presents an example application with a simpler architecture than that in the most recent documentation. If you want the latest documentation, which contains complete documentation for the Flask project, go to

Flask 0.12.4 Tutorial

You want to develop an application with Python and Flask? Here you have the chance to learn by example. In this tutorial, we will create a simple microblogging application. It only supports one user that can create text-only entries and there are no feeds or comments, but it still features everything you need to get started. We will use Flask and SQLite as a database (which comes out of the box with Python) so there is nothing else you need.

If you want the full source code in advance or for comparison, check out the example source.