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"Decoherence and the Transition from Quantum to Classical" Physics Today, Oct '91

Schrödinger's Cat:

In addition to the xerox, you might try these:

Macroscopic Quantum:

Here are some technical articles which I suggest you try in the order given. I have ordered a less technical book through interlibrary loan, but it may be a week before it gets here.

Quantum Chaos:

EPR paradox:

In addition to these materials, most quantum texts have a short section on this.

Parallel Universe Theory:

see p.194 in the following (this is also known as the "many worlds interpretation")

J. E. Baggott, The Meaning of Quantum Theory : a Guide for Students of Chemistry and Physics

Quantum Teleportation:

Carl Zimmer, "Getting There is Half the Fun", Discover 15, 100 (1994).

Louis de Broglie:

Here are some possibilities I turned up -- I'm sure you can find others.

Einstein's love/hate relationship with quantum mechanics

There are dozens of good-looking possibilities in the library catalog

Aharonov-Bohm Effect: (How to deal with Magnetic Fields in Quantum Mechanics)

Bose-Einstein Condensation:

See my "Modern Physics in the News" bulletin board in our hallway; August 1995 Physics Today

WEB sites of interest to students in Quantum Mechanics

An entire WEB-course in quantum mechanics

A "modern physics" course

Home Page of a popular writer

A visual presentation of the material we cover in Chapter 3 of French & Taylor (You'd probably want to skip down past the first part)

Just a simple example of current research interests

Animated simulation of electron wavepacket incident at some non-normal angle upon a potential barrier (The connection to Hungary is slow)

IBM on quantum computation, quantum cryptography, and even quantum teleportation (!)

A review of Schrodinger's Cat

Atomic Tunneling off of STM/AFM tips might hold clues to Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics

See the short section on Quantum Decoherence

See Arshad Kudrolli's Quantum Chaos

There are lots of "far-from-the-mainstream" folks out there. Fun stuff, but proceed with caution!


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