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The Performing Songwriter magazine is a wonderfully written industry journal for performing songwriters. If you play instruments, sing, write, compose, or just like good music, this topnotch magazine is one of the best around for its subject matter.

Dirty Linen is published bimonthly, this magazine offers reporting and insight into the world of folk & world music. Artist itineraries are included, along with record label info, CD reviews, feature artist articles, classifieds, etc.

Folk Alliance is a nonprofit organization, existing “to foster and promote traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music.” The goals of this organization are education, networking, advocacy, field development and professional development. FA’s annual conference each February (with different North American regions playing host each year) offers the largest networking event for musicians, agents, managers, labels, publicist, etc.

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine A quarterly journal, published since May of 1950, each *huge* issue includes complete lead sheets for 20 or more traditional and contemporary folk songs,feature articles and interviews, instrumental teach-ins, tons of recording and book reviews, the most comprehensive and up-to-date folk festival and camp listing anywhere, plus regular columns on the folk process, song writing, storytelling and children's music. Regular columnists include Pete Seeger, Tony Trischka, Faith Petric and many more.

A number of the performers from Blue Moon have been featured in articles in Acoustic Guitar---Ani, SONiA, Patty Larkin, Sons of the Never Wrong, Christine Lavin and many others. Acoustic Guitar is the magazine for all acoustic guitar players, from beginners to performing professionals. Through interviews, reviews, workshops, sheet music, and song transcriptions, Acoustic Guitar readers learn music from around the globe and get to know the artists who create it. With product reviews and expert advice, Acoustic Guitar also helps its readers become smarter buyers and owners of acoustic guitars and related gear.

"I was standing in the wings that night in late November at the Blue Moon Coffeehouse in Bloomington, Illinois, when I heard Darcy Greder announce that the show was being taped for radio station WGLT. I had no idea! Well, I must have known, but I had forgotten. Anyway, I took the stage and performed the show I had planned, not thinking about the tape rolling. We all just had a bunch of fun. The next day I woke up and thought, 'Hmmm...I wonder if this could be a live album?' Well, here it is. It was recorded straight to DAT tape - no sweetening, no fixing, the audience wasn't even miked--so what you have here is simply a live night out at a coffeehouse." -
Christine Lavin
This CD made it to sale in mere weeks after the show at Blue Moon. Ask anyone if such an undertaking is possible and most would doubt it...tell them Christine Lavin is at the helm and the doubts melt away. Christine is truly a tour de force, and one of the most generous folks in the business...ask any of the myriad of artists that she has helped over the years. Its a great CD, by the way! By the way, Christine put me on the CD and I am forever getting stopped at music festivals and asked if I was on a Christine Lavin CD...
I like to tell them that she was on mine.

Ani played the Blue Moon Coffeehouse three times before the demands of audiences required moving her to larger venues. Her last official Blue Moon show was a "movable feast" to a recital hall on campus. It was a thunderously great show---and it is an honor that a cut from it was included on Living in Clip. Many consider Ani DiFranco's talent to lie with her live performances. Ani has a wonderful way of connecting with her audience. This is a must-have CD for all who begin to jones for the next concert before the encore from the last is finished. While there is great pride here that a piece of that last Blue Moon concert is forever part of recording history, the PR department at IWU couldn't exactly get mileage out of it as those familiar with Untouchable Face understand. For Ani's complete discography, check out the
Righteous Babe web site.

It was the first season, and we were the first to bring Ani west of the Appalachian mountains. The trusting audience didn't know the music, let alone what was about to hit them. When it was over, music in this town was never the same. During the first set, Ani blew a string and her guitar was passed hand over hand to the back of the house. Ani launched into a spoken word piece (there were no guitar techs or second guitars in those days).I raced up to the greenroom, got the string replaced and ran back into the hall to hand it back to Ani just as she ended the poem. She seamlessly launched into the next song as if we'd planned it...just that way. Later, after the set break, Ani asked if we wanted to hear a new song---with the crowd's approval, Ani pulled a scrap of brown grocery bag from her pocket and apologized for having to read the lyrics (she really had just written the song during the set break). She played Buildings and Bridges flawlessly, and it appeared on Out of Range just as it had been written and played that night.

Kristina Olsen was the first to use a recording from the Blue Moon Coffeehouse on a CD and we still feel honored to be a part of this collection. This selection of live recordings from around the world is an excellent representation of this charming and witty artist. Included, as separately programmed tracks, are many spoken introductions which are an integral part of Kristina's live shows. The varied guitar and piano accompaniment compliment good lyrics sung with warmth and conviction.

One night,
SONiA called me at home with a request---would I write liner notes for her solo CD, Almost Chocolate? Honored, I hoped I was up to the task...I had known and loved Son and her music for years. I wanted my notes to be like SONiA herself---elemental and honest. Usually one to agonize over writing, I had no time for that...SONiA needed text the next morning. I faxed it over to her and waited to find out if I'd hit the mark. Sometime later, SONiA called to give me the good word---her father had read it and given it a thumbs up. I like to tell people that the liner notes for Chocolate are terrific...and the music is pretty good, too. Here's a taste: "SONiA's honesty and insight resonates through the words and music. A writer who is introspective and intimate, SONiA gives language to deep emotions that are at once both personal and universal. Elemental intensities blend with spirited musicianship throughout almost chocolate. Although a solo effort, this is hardly a solitary trip - seasoned listeners will find the elements that inspire cross-country road trips to catch SONiA in concert present in this music" ---Darcy L. Greder

Guitars...they play 'em,
we love 'em!

Ani's Alverez...Carrie Newcomer's Taylors...the Parker Flys that SONiA and Susan Werner play...Patty Larkin's Strat---
the shows wouldn't be the same without the guitars. You've enjoyed the music, now
take a look at the instruments played by the artists of the Blue Moon.

Radio is our friend...and one of the best friends of the Blue Moon Coffeehouse is
WGLT, 89.1 FM. Bruce Bergethon, general manager for WLGT, records all Blue Moon shows for later broadcast on Acousticity which is heard Sunday evenings from 8:00 PM-Midnight.
IWU's own radio station,
WESN, 88.1 FM, has been kind enough to give me a three hour show each week (during the summertime--Tuesday nights from 7 PM-10 PM) to play the music of the Blue Moon. The show features great music, previews of upcoming shows and give-away swag. From the WESN, 88.1 FM web site, you can listen to the show via the Internet!

The Blue Moon Coffeehouse is proud to have be named the best place for live music for two years running in
The Pantagraph’s Reader’s Choice survey of "The Best of The Best in Central Illinois." Long regarded as a community treasure by the many artists who have played throughout the 13-year run of the series, locals continue to "find" our little gem. We appreciate the kindness of Dan Craft who keeps the community informed of the many entertainment opportunities---including the Blue Moon! It's an honor to be selected by hometown friends of the Blue Moon. We hope to shine brightly for many years to come!