Kindergarten/First Grade Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas

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I.  What is 9/11?
             Lesson Plan: What Happened on 9/11
              Activity Ideas:
                    a.  Read aloud of “Frankie Wonders What Happened      
by Yvonne Conte and discover events of
                          September 11th through the eyes of a child.
                     b. Look at pictures of New York City skyline before and after 
                          9/11; compare and contrast the images
                     c.  Plan remembrance event; send cards or collect money for
                          funds that exist concerning Septemeber 11th victims
                     d.  Create class book about the events of 9/11
                     e.  Read stories, poems and look at artwork create by other 
                          kindergarten or first grade students that experienced     
                          events of 9/11 firsthand
II.  Heroes
            Lesson Plan: Heroes of 9/11
            Activity Ideas:
       a.  Read alouds on heroes
                     b.  Identify everyday heroes in your life
                     c.  Create a class book on each child's personal hero
                     d.  Write a letter to a hero
                     e.  Identify heros at school, in the community, in your family, etc.
                      f.  Interview a hero
                     g.  Make a class collage of pictures of heros you find in old magazines

III.  Tolerance
       Lesson Plan: Colors of My Skin
            Activity Ideas:

                      a. Using a paper cut out of a color such as blue or green, you will cut out
                          a life-size person, known as the “new student” in class.  Gather your
                          students and introduce them to the new classmate, and explain to the
                          students how hard it is to enter a situation that is unfamiliar such as a
                          classroom where the students already have their friendships formed. 
                          Point out how some people immediately put up barriers and without
                          even giving the new student a chance decide that they dislike them. 
                          Have students one at a time put down the new classmate, and each  
                          time a different part of the student is picked on, tear that part off and
                          hand it to the person who made the comment.  After every student
                          has their chance, invite students to tape the pieces back together and
                          have them apologize.Ask students questions to start a discussion on
                          how the new classmate must feel and show that the “scars” remain.

b. After discussion the word “unique” with your class, draw an outline of
                           a person on the chalkboard.  Divide this person up into three
                           different parts:  the neck and up, the torso, and the waist down. 
                           Discuss with the class the different qualities each section of the body
                           may include. After discussing each section of the body, give students
                           a piece of paper, big enough for the first section.  Have students
                           draw a unique head, possibly using some of the characteristics on
                           the board, but make sure that it resembles no one they know. 
                           Continue this for each section.  After students have separately drawn
                           each section, mix up the classes each section of the body (heads in
                           one box, torsos in the next, and legs in another).  Randomly select
                           one section from each box and make a person. 
                       c. Have a disscusion on tolerance and ask students to discover what is
                           unique about themselves. Have them share their thoughts in small
                           groups or with the whole class.

IV.  Fire Safety
   Lesson Plan: Our Own Fire Safety Class Book
            Activity Ideas:
     a. Take a field trip to a local fire station
                     b.  Invite a firefighter to guest speak in the classroom
                     c.  Read additional children’s literature on fire safety like No Dragons for
                          Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
by Jean Pendziwol and 
                          Martine Gourbault or Fire! Fire Gail Gibbons
                     d.  Practice Stop, Drop and Roll in the classroom
                     e.  Have students create their own Fire Safety Plan booklets
                      f.  Visit and allow the students to play the games
                          and explore the information presented