by James Plath and Frank Simons
with a foreword by Lorian Hemingway

The Ketch & Yawl Press, 1999
168pp./30 photographs
Softcover $12.95
Hardcover $19.95
Limited Edition of 200 numbered copies
(signed by Plath, Simons & Hemingway) $40

Thirteen interviews with family and friends of the Nobel laureate,
published by The Ketch & Yawl Press, Key West, Fla.,
to commemorate the centennial of Ernest Hemingway's birth.
Included are interviews with:

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Available from The Ketch & Yawl Press, P.O. Box 5828, Lakeland FL 33807-5828; by Fax to 1-706-632-1903; or e-mail (Add $4.00 for Priority Mail; Florida residents add 6% sales tax)