Safari Standard Poodles

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Safari Standard Poodles

Clickable Poodle Standard

© Joel Haefner, 1999

Directions: To see the names of the parts of the dog described in the Standard, run your mouse over the image and watch the bottom status bar. To see the Poodle Standard text for each part of the dog, just click on that area. General sections of the Standard are listed above the image; just click on a word.

We would like to acknowledge the Illustrated Study of the Poodle Breed Standard, published in 1992 by PCA. Committee members were: Mackey J. Irick, Jr. (Chair); Betsey A. Leedy; Wendell J. Sammet; Dr. W.H. Sterg O'Dell; and Helen Lee James. Breed Standard Committee: Mrs. James Edward Clar, Chair. Illustrations by Lyn St. Clair and Wendell J. Sammet.

General sections of the Standard:

General Appearance, Carriage and Condition  Size  Proportion  Substance  Puppy Clip  English Saddle Clip  Continental Clip  Sporting Clip  Color  Gait  Temperament  Disqualifications  Scale of Points  

Safari Standard Poodles does not claim that this picture exemplifies the poodle standard. This image is presented for informative purposes only.