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Dining Program
At Illinois Wesleyan University we are doing "something uncommon" in the commons. We know that each student has his or her own needs, wants, taste, appetite, and schedule. We recognize the value of choice - in meal plan, menu, quantity, and nutritional content. Our objective is to promote good variety and service and a quality dining experience one customer at a time. That's why we've designed a variety of plans to meet a variety of needs - your needs and needs for each other Illinois Wesleyan student.

Enrollment in a meal plan is mandatory for all students residing in University residence halls. All other students may elect to enroll in one of the plans. Any new student residing in a University residence hall who does not select a meal plan will be placed automatically Block 220 meal plan per semseter ($50 in Munch Money). The default plan for continuing students is Block plan 175 ($125 per semester Munch Money and 40 Meals MayTerm $30 May Term Munch Money).

Choices, Choices
Each meal plan offers a variety of meal options satisfying varied dietary requirements, personal tastes and individual schedules. So you can be certain that you will always have food available to you; and each plan provides unlimited seconds for all meals taken in the Commons. [ show/hide food options ]

Choice of Block Plans
It's your choice! Following is a summary of the meal plan options available to you. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Block Plan 130 | Block Plan 175 | Block Plan 220| Munch Money


NEW Block 220

  •  Block220 - 220 Meals per Semester with $50 Munch Money Per Semester
  •  May Term - 45 Meals with $10 May Term Munch Money
  • This meal plan has replaced the 18 meal plan.   

Block Plan 130

  • Block 130 -130 Meals Per Semester with $200 Munch Money Per Semester
  • May Term - 30 Meals with $45 May Term Munch Money
    This Plan Is Designed for the students who will dine on campus less Frequently.

Block Plan 175

  •  Block 175 - 175 Meals Per Semester with $125 Munch Money Per Semester
  • May Term - 40 Meals with $30 May Term Munch Money
  • This plan is recommended for the student who plans to eat out occasionally, but plans to eat in our dining facility for a majority of the meals.   

       Important note: All meals and munch money are good only through the end of the semester.                    Meals and munch money do not roll over.



NEW Block Plan 75

  • NEW Plan for ONLY Off-Campus, Commuters, East Street Apartments, and The Gates residents. $715.00 per semester.
  •  Block 75 - 75 Meals per semester with $150 Munch Money Per Semester
  • May term meals are not included in the Block 75 plan.
  • Students who Purchase the Block 75 plan in the Spring may pruchase the May Term Meal Plan.     


     Once a student expends their meals, he/she may come to the Sodexo office to purchase a          block of 10 meals for $75 for that semester. Meals are good only through the end of the       






Munch Money
Got the munchies for late night snacks? Off-hour treats? We've got just the answer:

Munch Money is a cash allowance within your traditional board plans that allows you to satisfy your snack attacks in the Dugout Snack Bar or at our own Starbucks at any open hour. You can also use Munch Money to purchase guest meals in the Commons. Munch Money provided as part of your meal plan is forfeited if unused at the end of each semester and may term. .

Additional Munch Money
If you wish to have more Munch Money than your plan provides, you may go to the Food Service Office and give them a check payable to IWU for the amount of Munch Money you wish to add. Unlike the Plan Munch Money provided as part of your meal plan, Additional Munch Money which you add on does not expire if unused at the end of the academic year.

The basic plans cost $3,384.00 for the 2013-2014 academic year.

New for the 2013-2014 School Year, is the option to use your meal plans in campus retail dinning service outlets during All hours, as a meal exchange with our Pick Three selections. To use one of your meals in the Dugou t (Grill 155, Sub-Connection, Simply To Go), Tommy's Grille, Hatties, Freshens and Coffee Shoppe.  As always Munch Money may be used at all locations at all times.


* Unused munch money does not carry from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014 and to May Term

* Unused Meals from the Blocks program will not carry over from fall 2013 to Spring 2014 and to May Term.

Your Cooperation, Please
Our goal is to provide you with the food you want at a fair price. The plan is priced to include your meals (less a missed meal factor) and your Munch Money, if any. It is not priced to cover your snacks between meals or food for a friend (except through the Munch Money). We therefore ask that you refrain from taking food from the dining hall. It's not fair to the other students. Your cooperation on this and on other items such as minimizing wasted food helps us give you the best value for your money!

Change of Meal Plan
  If you decide that your selected meal plan will not suit your needs, please go to My IWU Housing Portal for changes to your plans. All meal plan changes must be in writing. For fall semester, 2013, ALL CHANGES must be made by August 29th. For spring semester, 2014, ALL CHANGES must be made by DECEMBER 9th, 2013 ( Reading Day). Please note that you may not change between a plus plan and a basic plan once classes begin for the academic year.

Dining Access Cards
Access to dining areas requires presenting a valid "University card" ID. Replacement cards can be obtained at the Business Office for a nominal handling charge. Your Commons and Munch Money "accounts" are maintained through this card.

Important Info
Box Lunches
Should you find it necessary to obtain a box lunch due to class conflict or work schedules, please contact the Food Service Office (556-3167) to obtain assistance.

In Case of Illness
You may arrange for a friend to deliver your tray of food if you are ill and unable to eat in the dining hall. Call the Health Service (556-3107) to arrange this.

Special Diets
If you are on a special diet by doctor's orders or due to religious reasons, arrangement can be made to provide for your needs through the Health Service (556-3107) in coordination with Michael Welsh, Campus Education Services.

Carry Out Picnics
Want to plan a picnic with your dining meal? Arrangements can be coordinated through the Food Service Office (556-3167).

The Last Word
You, the customer, always get the last word. Tell one of the Campus managers if something isn't right. We'll do our best to make it right. And tell us if something is very right-it helps make our day when we know you are happy!

We are proud to provide you with these services and we wish each of you many successes and a rewarding experience in the year ahead!


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