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Dr. Christina Isabelli (PhD, University of Texas-Austin) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University where she teaches courses on topics such as Second Language Acquisition, History of the Spanish Language, Spanish Linguistics, and Spanish in the United States. Christina’s latest published work appears in Foreign Language Annals and Hispanic Health Care International. She is a book and manuscript reviewer for Foreign Language Annals, The Modern Language Journal, Spanish in Context, System, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development and EUROSLA Yearbook. Dr. Isabelli recently served as principal investigator for a US Census Bureau-funded investigation on observing census enumeration of non-English-speaking households in 2010 census and has taught applied linguistics courses since 2010 in Middlebury College's graduate summer program in Vermont. Her research interests relate to sociolinguistic issues regarding Hispanics in the US as well as second language acquisition in various learning contexts, identifying processes of forming social networks abroad and how they function as contexts for language learning.




Academic Positions

  • Illinois Wesleyan University, Department of Hispanic Studies
    Professor, present; Associate Professor, 2005 - 12; Assistant Professor, 2000 - 05;  Instructor, 1999 - 2000

  • Middlebury College, Spanish Language School Graduate Program, Middlebury, Vermont
    Visiting Professor, 2010-2014 (summers)

  • University of Texas - Austin, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    Assistant Instructor of Spanish, 1994 - 1999
    , Spn 508K Coordinator 1998-1999
  • University of Iowa, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    Graduate Teaching Assistant of Spanish, 1992 - 1994

Administrative Positions
2011 – present  Chair, Department of Hispanic Studies, Illinois Wesleyan University
2011 – present  Language Program Coordinator, Department of Hispanic Studies, IWU
2010 Fall          Resident Director of the IWU London semester abroad program
2007 Spring      Resident Director of the IWU Spain semester abroad program
  • Lord, G., & Isabelli-García, C. (2014). Program articulation and management. In M. Lacorte (Ed.). The handbook of Hispanic applied linguistics (pp. 150-167). London: Routledge.
  • Isabelli-García, C., Pan, Y., & Lubkemann, S. (2012). Observing census enumeration of non-English-speaking households in 2010 U.S. Census: Spanish report. Research and Methodology Directorate, Center for Survey Measurement Research Report Series (Survey Methodology #2012-06). U.S. Census Bureau. <>
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  • Echeverría, M., Irizarry, G., & Isabelli-García, C. (2009). Second-Year Spanish II - Oral Expression, Reading and Composition: A Study Guide. (120 pp). Austin, TX: The University of Texas at Austin - University Extension.
  • Hartweg, D., & Isabelli-García, C. (2007). Health perceptions of low-income, immigrant Spanish-speaking Latinas in the United States. Hispanic Healthcare International, 5(2), 7-17.
  • Isabelli-García, C. (2006). Study abroad social networks, motivation and attitudes: Implications for second language acquisition.  In E. Churchill & M. DuFon (Eds.), Language learners in study abroad contexts (pp. 231-258). Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.
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  • Isabelli-García, C. (2004). A case study of the factors in the development of Spanish linguistic accuracy and oral communication skills: Motivation and extended interaction in the study abroad context. Preface Barbara Freed. New York, NY: Edwin Mellen Press.
  • Isabelli-García, C. (2003). Development of oral communication skills abroad. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 9, 149-173.
Book Reviews
  • Lewin, R. (Ed.). The handbook of practice and research in study abroad. Modern Language Journal, 95, (2011): 332-333.
  • Byram, M., & Feng, A. (Eds.). Living and studying abroad: Research and practice. Modern Language Journal, 92, (2008): 474-475.
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In Progress
  • Book-length manuscript: Researching Second Language Acquisition and Communicative Use in the Study Abroad Context with Cassie Isabelli
  • Empirical research article Immersion Programs and Second Language Acquisition with Manel Lacorte
  • Critical review of research regarding study abroad and second language acquisition. Language Teaching journal with Dan Dewey and Jennifer Bown

Select Presentations

  • April 2014. "Language learning in the study abroad context: Variables that affect development." Language in Context Research Group, University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • October 2013. "Study abroad: Measuring the correlation between second language acquisition and social networks." 32nd Second Language Research Forum. Brigham Young University.
  • June 2013. "Factors that explain differential learning in the study abroad context." IES Abroad Madrid 2nd Language Symposium. Madrid, Spain.
  • August 2011. "Observing census enumeration of Spanish-speaking households in the 2010 Census." Invited speaker, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington DC.
  • July 2010. "El desarrollo lingüístico de los estudiantes durante una estancia en el extranjero: Una ruptura de las expectativas tradicionales." [Linguistic development in the study-abroad context: A break from traditional expectations]. Invited speaker, Middlebury College Round Table. Middlebury, Vermont.
  • September 2009. "Linguistic development in the study-abroad context: What can we expect?" invited speaker, IIX Congreso Internacional UNINTERlingua Communicación. Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
  • November, 2008. "Language learning abroad: Acculturation, integration or both?" Midwest Modern Language Association. Minneapolis, MN.
  • November, 2007."Acquisition of gender agreement in two learning contexts." Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. San Antonio, Texas.
  • November, 2006. "Social networks and some recommendations for study abroad success." Council on International  Educational Exchange Conference. Seville, Spain.
  • October, 2003."The benefits of asynchronous computer mediated communication in enhancing cultural acquisition." Co-authored with Elizabeth Zeiss. Second Language Research Forum. University of Arizona, Tucson. 
  • October 2002. "Linguistic development of Spanish language accuracy in the study abroad context: What can be expected." Co-authored with Chiyo Nishida.  6th Conference on Hispanic Linguistics and L1 and L2 Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Illinois Wesleyan University service

  • Promotion and Tenure Committee (elected: Vice Chair 2014-present; 2005-2007)
  • Assessment Facilitator for General Education category "Second Language" (2014-2015)
  • Academic Appeals Committee (elected: 2013-2014)
  • IWU Fulbright Faculty Program Adviser (2011-2013)
  • Curriculum Council (elected: 2009-2011), Academic Standards Subcommittee (Chair, 09-10)
  • Teacher Education Committee (2005-present)
  • Hearing Committee (elected: 2003-2005)
  • Institutional Review Board (2002-2005, S2009)
  • Faculty Adviser of Sigma Delta Pi - National Hispanic Honors Society, Upsilon Rho (2000- present)  
  • Latin American Studies Team Leader (2005-07, 2011-13)
  • First Year Adviser (2000-2013)
  • Coordinator International Film Series (1999-2001)

Select IWU Grants

  • 2014 - Humanities Fellow, Re-centering the Humanities Mellon Foundation Grant
  • 2012 - Mellon Foundation Grant for integration of information literacy in the disciplines, with L. Duke
  • 2012 – Mellon Foundation Grant for integration of writing in the disciplines, with C. Ferradáns
  • 2008 - "Perception of Physical Activity and Health by Border-Dwelling Mexican Women" with D. Hartweg (Artistic and Scholarly Development Grant)
  • 2007 -  "Spanish Gender Agreement in the Study-Abroad and At-Home Contexts" (ASD)
  • 2006 -  "Study-Abroad Social Networks and Second Language Acquisition"(ASD)
  • 2005 -  "Perception of Physical Activity by Hispanic Women" with Donna Hartweg (ASD)
  • 2003 -  "Perception of Health by Hispanic Women: A Pilot Study" with Donna Hartweg (ASD)